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Using DOTKey with Bluetooth

Using our Solo feature to turn your mobile DOTKey device into a wireless "keyboard" and trackpad is now even easier for Android users thanks to our new Bluetooth option (no companion app required).


In order for your mobile device to be recognized as an input device by the device you are attempting to connect to - it is important that the two devices be paired properly. The following steps will get you up and running in no time!

1) Within the DOTKey app on your mobile device enter the settings page (tap on the gear shaped button).

2) Find the the "Connect via Bluetooth" option within the "Solo Settings" section. Enable it.

3) In this same section locate the "One-time pairing with a new device" option. Enable this as well. (Note: You will need to complete the pairing process once with each new device you wish to use your phone or tablet to type on).

4) Leave the settings page and return to the main menu - BUT DON'T TAP THE SOLO BUTTON JUST YET.

5) On the device that you would like to connect to (i.e. your Mac, PC, or other Bluetooth enabled device), enter the settings and prepare to add a bluetooth device.

For Mac: System Preferences -> Bluetooth

For Windows: Settings -> Devices -> Add Bluetooth or other device -> Bluetooth

Note: If not active, you may need to enable Bluetooth

6) On your DOTKey device tap on the Solo button, you should be asked for permission to make your device discoverable - select 'Yes'.

7) On the device you would like to connect to, select the name of your DOTKey device (i.e. Pixel 3 XL, iPhone, etc.) and attempt to connect to it, this should initiate the standard pairing process for both devices. Follow the onscreen instructions for both devices.

8) With the devices paired, leave Solo on your DOTKey device (hit 'back'), and then start it again (this ensures that the list of paired devices is repopulated properly). Tap the "Connect to:" drop down button on the top right of the screen. Select the name of the device you would like to connect to (i.e. "DESKTOP-ARJ92") - when the status indicator changes to "Connected" you are good to go! (Note: sometimes it helps to touch the trackpad space and attempt to move the cursor around)

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