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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play the Game?

The Game and Practice tool are both part of the Mobile app. Download DOTKey on your phone and they will be a button on the app's home screen.

How do you fit a whole keyboard in 3 fingers?

Each finger can be used to tap, swiped-up, swipe-down, side-to-side, etc. giving us dozens of unique gestures to work with. Combine that with modes, similar to the way shift or control work on a keyboard, and you get as many gestures as you will ever need.

You can view "Cheat Sheets" of the gestures in-app, and online here.

What can I do if the app is broken or missing features?

Please email us at and give us your feedback. DOTKey will still be getting more features in the future, and it would be helpful to know which matters most to you.

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