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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play the Game?

The Game and Practice tool are both part of the Mobile app. Download DOTKey on your phone and they will be a button on the app's home screen.

How do you fit a whole keyboard in 3 fingers?

Each finger can be used to tap, swiped-up, swipe-down, side-to-side, etc. giving us dozens of unique gestures to work with. Combine that with modes, similar to the way shift or control work on a keyboard, and you get as many gestures as you will ever need.

You can view "Cheat Sheets" of the gestures in-app, and online here.

What can I do if the app is broken or missing features?

Please email us at contact@dotkeyboard.com and give us your feedback. DOTKey will still be getting more features in the future, and it would be helpful to know which matters most to you.