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Accents are here!

Good news Android users! We just released an update to DOTKey that integrates the ability to add accents to many characters. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Also - stay tuned for another update VERY SOON - we are about to release an update that will add French, Spanish, and Portuguese to the supported list of languages.

iOS users - we haven't forgotten you! The last year has been chaos for us but we are hoping to release several updates for the iOS version of DOTKey very soon!

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Erik Phantom
Erik Phantom
21. Juni

Does this still exist?

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John Rok
John Rok
26. Aug. 2022

This is an interesting and informative post about Accents are here!. Users of Android, good news! We just updated DOT Key to include the feature of accenting many characters. Additionally, keep an eye out for a new update that will add French, Spanish, and Portuguese to the list of supported languages VERY SOON. We haven't forgotten about iOS users, either! Although the past year has been chaotic for us, we hope to shortly release a number of enhancements for the DOT Key iOS app! That's why I really appreciate your beautiful accents. After that I will go to be busy to making an assignment such as doctoral thesis for my education. This is great your article.

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Lo La
Lo La
03. Dez. 2023
Antwort an

No updates for 3 years, are you the owner of this app.

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