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Typing without keys, is typing without limits.


Solo Desktop

(Requires DOTKey)


From smart glasses and rings, to augmented and virtual reality environments - we stand on the brink of an entirely different way of interacting with our world, our devices, and each other. This is a future where the traditional keyboard simply cannot go. DOTKey's gesture driven input system is at home in the digital ecosystem of tomorrow.


For nearly two decades 21st century devices have depended upon a 19th century interface. With users reaching typing speeds of up to 65 wpm or more on their phone or tablet, DOTKey has unlocked the potential of mobile devices - without the need for expensive and bulky peripherals.


From limb differences, to injury, to the baby that needs to be held right now - life often asks us to be productive with a single hand. With a traditional keyboard these situations are challenges; left-handed or right, with DOTKey they become opportunities. Want to type with one hand on your laptop or desktop PC? Just reach for the Solo feature within DOTKey and transform your mobile device into the world's most advanced wireless interface.

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