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Multilingual Support for Android!

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce support for German and Russian with the 2.1.6 release of DOTKey on Android! Enable languages in settings, then tap the mode icon to rotate between them when using DOTKey. See the revised "DOTKey Tutorial" within the help section of the companion app to learn more. Practice mode has also been updated to support these additional languages. This feature is considered beta so please don't hesitate to contact us with feedback and ideas!

2.1.6 also comes with sound effects. Now you can hear yourself type with DOTKey! Adjust the volume within settings in the app.

Finally - some of you have reported owning devices that use the three-finger up-swipe gesture for OS related features. This conflicts with our use of this gesture to implement Shift and Caps Lock... To accommodate such devices we have added a second gesture for entering Shift and Caps Lock - now you can use a side-swipe (towards your thumb/the center of your body) of your index and middle fingers. To be clear, the standard gesture still works, but we have added this new gesture as an alternate for those who need it.

Stay tuned for more features and improvements!

-The DOTKey Team

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